Walking Safaris

A most immersive experience as you become aware of every sight and sound, your footfall becomes measured, you become aware of the wind on your face, and all of a sudden, you are on equal footing with the African wild.

To some, this may sound daunting, but the sheer exhilaration of approaching big game under the expert leadership of a highly experienced guide will exhilarate you and make all your senses come alive.

Safety is paramount groups are limited to small manageable numbers while the terrain is carefully picked to allow safe passage and no unnecessary surprises. Guides leading walking safaris are the best in the business, highly trained and experienced individuals, licensed to carry firearms.

Most camps offer walking safaris where the focus is on interpreting the small and interesting facts of nature such as tracks, insects, botany and birding to tracking big game.

Walking Safaris are extremely flexible from a few hours a day to a multi-day wilderness trek spending nights under the stars in a mobile or fly-camp. Distances covered depend on personal fitness levels and can be easily combined with a more leisurely lodge stop afterwards.