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Africa Unlocked was founded by Albie and Freda Venter in 2009 as a platform to share the Africa they love with others. Albie studied nature conservation in Cape Town and has been involved in the wildlife and tourism industry since 1997. He holds both FGASA level 3 (SKS) and Kenya Bronze level guiding qualifications and guides some of Africa Unlocked’s safaris. He has a keen interest in wildlife photography and has published numerous articles in both printed and digital media.

He has also presented many wildlife, photography, and travel-related talks both to live audiences and on the web. Freda joined Albie in 19999 and has managed camps both in South Africa and Kenya. When not managing camps they have travelled much of Africa, often with kids in tow to many off-the-beaten-track destinations in search of adventure.

Africa Unlocked has created safe, stylish, and authentic experiences since 2009. We live in Africa and frequently travel to its most iconic destinations enabling us to pair destinations with your exact requirements.