Bush Camps

The smell of woodsmoke permeates these rustic camps bringing you closer to nature as all superfluous barriers between you and the wild are removed. Bush camps tend to be a combination of reed, wood and thatch or canvas, often mirroring the quirkiness and eccentricity of the owners.

Make no mistake, Bush camps do not lack comfort, often surprising guests with well-thought-out amenities. Expect en-suite bathrooms, quirky designs, hot and cold running water (which may come from a bucket shower), and a bed as comfortable as any you will ever encounter; there’s often even a swimming pool!

The vibe is very relaxed with guests encouraged to go behind the scenes to say hello to the camp cook and see what culinary magic is being conjured up from a basic bush kitchen.

These camps are often owner-run and offer remarkable local insights and immersive nature experiences. Here you will spend the last hours of each day mesmerized by the hypnotic embers of a campfire, sipping a favourite drink while listening to the surrounding cacophony of the night.

A perfect choice for the adventure-minded looking for an immersive nature experience.