Riding Safaris

From easy riding through the vineyards of South Africa to riding amongst big game in Botswana or Kenya, Africa Unlocked offers horse-riding adventures for everyone. Some lodges have stables with a variety of horses to suit riders of all abilities and offer twice-daily outings as an additional activity and an alternative to game drives or nature walks. This enables you to decide how much riding you wish to do.

On the other hand, multi-day rides through vast wilderness areas are a great option for experienced riders.

These action-packed safaris may involve up to 7 hours a day in the saddle traversing big game areas and spending the night in mobile camps which adds greatly to the spirit of adventure. Because these rides traverse areas where potentially dangerous game may be encountered, a high level of proficiency is required.

Non-riding partners can be accommodated as some operators offer alternative activities whilst the rides are out. It is important that you speak to us regarding your riding abilities and expectations in order for us to pair you with the best-suited options.